Cinder-Fellow Chimney Sweep is a family owned business servicing Newburgh and Orange County New York since 1989.

Scam Warnings

General Scam Warning

As of 10/1/2018 scams are out in  full force.  I was at a house this week of a repeat customer when a scam  situation came to light.  We scheduled an appointment at the homeowners  liking.  The night before the appointment at dinner time a scam company  called the home owner and he said yes we have a appointment tomorrow  (he thought it was Cinderfellow confirming).  When I was at his house  they called to say they were on their way.  The problem is they tried to  tell home owner I was scamming him.

Please  be aware of scams. We do not call homeowners soliciting work.  Anyone  that calls your phone saying they have serviced your chimney before  (unless it is the person you know from prior service) is trying to scam  you. We do not have anyone  working with us and we do not use alternate phone numbers.  Our phone  number is 845-564-9034.  We do have a 800 number but can not make  outgoing on that number.  A private phone number or unavailable number  is going to be a scam.  Be aware that I get these phone calls on my  business line all the time like you do and they try to baffle you with  untrue information.  

Licensing Scam

There  is no licensing for Chimney Sweeps in Orange County New York period.   Anyone claiming to be a Licensed company is trying to scam you.  A  license from Rockland County or any other entity means nothing here.   Consumer Affairs in Rockland County has no jurisdiction in Orange  County.  If you have a issue with a contractor that has a Rockland  County license they told me that they really can't do anything.   Remember that these licenses are business only licenses,pay a fee, give  a couple of references and you get a license.  Electricians in Orange  County have a License that they have to take a knowledge test and pass  so they can do work in the county.

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